Whether it is age or a person battling a serious illness or a sudden catastrophic accident, those who are facing disability are faced with barriers at their own home. As they have to face the disability throughout their lives, many modifications need to be made to make the house more accessible. Some are apparent like a ramp for the wheelchair and the others aren’t so. Car Accident Lawyer Ottawa Yegendorf and Associates, will guide you through the process and fight for your disability claim in case you have been disabled in an accident.

Changes to be made to make house more accessible

Several changes need to be made around the house to make it more accessible. For example, a barrier-free bathroom needs to be installed so that one can roll up and swing themselves into a spare wheelchair that stays in the shower. The tiled floor should gently slope to the drain and a waterproof barrier needs to be installed under the entire bathroom floor, meaning that spills or floods cause no damage. The old sink needs to be replaced with a floating sink that lets one wheel up to it like a desk. Heavy-duty handrails which give support and stability at the toilet needs to be installed.

Hinges that allow the doors to swing completely out of the way is one of the clever additions as it gives an extra 5 cms of width for the wheelchair to pass through. Adding grab bars and handrails is one of the simplest and common modifications. Whereas in the kitchen, the height of the countertops and cabinets can be lowered to the wheelchair level as the full-extension drawers are easier to access. If there are stairs in the house, then an elevator needs to be added to make the house accessible.

What is the approximate cost?

A grab bar costs around $100 and a second staircase railing, $1,000. A wooden ramp could range from $500 to $5,000. Whereas, a ramp made out of interlocking bricks could cost between $15,000 to $20,000. To make the bathroom barrier free it could cost between $12,000 to $15,000. A full kitchen renovation in order to make it accessible could cost up to $30,000.

Insurance claim

If you are an accident victim, then the cost of home modification is usually included in the insurance payout. Help is also available through charities and tax breaks. If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident, then one is eligible for $1 million under the province’s Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. In the case of non-catastrophic accidents, the benefit has been capped at $65,000.

However, a non-catastrophic injury could also be serious, in such a situation the benefit of $65,000 is not enough and is only available for 5 years. So a call needs to be made whether the money is going to be used for treatment needs or for renovations. Hence, additional costs can become a part of your lawsuit claim.