Work-related accidents and injuries are a common affair and can occur even if the employer takes all recommended precautions. Injuries can leave employees with a huge financial strain depending upon the nature of injury. The employee may have to deal with medical expenses and therapies apart from missing work.

Handling work related injuries legally:

The CA workers’ compensation laws  are designed to benefit both employers and employees. The laws prevent employees from blaming employers for the accident and don’t let employees sue their employer. The insurance helps employers to cover the cost of work-related injuries. More often insurance companies offer low settlement that what you are eligible for.

To prevent settling for less you can get the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in California. They’ll calculate the maximum possible amount you are eligible to receive following an injury and negotiate with the insurance company regarding your workers’ compensation claim.

Entitlements offered:

  • Medical expenses: Medical evaluation, hospital services, X-rays, lab tests, medical aid devices, prescription medicines etc.
  • Temporary disability payments: Payments that are missed since the employee is forced to take few days off work due to the injury. The insurance pays temporary disability payments for up to 2 years if you aren’t affected by hepatisis B or C, HIV, amputation, severe burns, certain eye injuries, pulmonary fibrosis or chronic lung disease.
  • Permanent disability payments: When an employees is unable to permanently return to work in which case permanent disability payments are offered anywhere between 4 weeks and 14 years based on the employee’s disability rating.
  • Vocational retraining: Some employees may not be able to return to their previous employment in which case they can use this fund for education-related training.
  • Death benefits: Paid to the dependents of the employee following the employee’s death.

How to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Submit a written notice regarding your work-related accident to your employer within 30 days of the injury. Your employer will provide the claim form within 24 hours upon receiving your notice and you have a year henceforth to submit the form to your employer. The claim administrator or your employer will authorize medical treatment within a day.

If the insurance company ignores your claim within 90 days, you can bring it to the attention of a judge and negotiate your case. An attorney helps you with the documentation, strengthens your claim and help you receive the rightful settlement.