A divorce decree means the final judgment given by the court. It implies that there is the termination of the marriage legally. It also states the duties of each party in connection with the divorce and addresses issues like division of property, alimony, child custody, and child support and other financial obligations.

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Modification Agreement

It may happen sometimes that there are changes in the situations after the divorce decree is provided. Your ex-partner may take you back to the court so that the modifications can be done in specific aspects of divorce agreements like child custody, child support, etc. The issues like debt division are usually not reconsidered by the court.

If the ex-spouse shows reluctance to change or modify the terms and conditions mentioned in the original decree, it needs to be done in written and submitted to the court. There may be a hearing to ensure that the two partners agree to the terms that have been modified in the agreement. The court approves it once it is signed by the judge. It ultimately becomes a court order.

Motion For Modification

In certain circumstances, one spouse needs modification but the other one does not want. In that case, the motion is filed with the court that has granted the original decree.

Response And Hearing

After the issuing of the motion, the other spouse has a few days in hand to file a response. When it is done, after that the hearing is done. If in case a modification is needed from your side like to modify child custody or child support, then you need to provide evidence to the court on how this alteration is in favor of the child.

Change in Circumstances

The divorce decree can be modified in some circumstances. If your ex-partner was supposed to pay for the child support and gets a good-paying job. In this case, the support amount is recalculated or the ex-spouse having joint custody abuses the children. The changes can be done from joint to single custody.

Failure to Pay For Child Support

If there is a failure on the part of spouse to pay for the child support. As it was agreed in the original divorce decree. The non-paying partner may be taken to the court.


Divorce is an emotional issue. One should not go for it as it is not an easy choice and decision. Marriages need to last forever but in certain circumstances, it’s not possible. Your case can be reopened, but only in certain situations.