In order to assess your degree of damage because of any injury due to work area or any occupational disease, permanent disability ratings can be used. This is also known as permanent impairment rating, that is all about permanent impairment assessment.

Permanent disability rating is needed to calculate the amount of financial compensation you are to be paid, in order to compensate you for the life long impairment related to your workplace illness or injury.

In order to have proper understanding about the system of permanent disability rating, you need to find proper answer to the following questions.

  1. When your permanent disability determined?

After you reach to certain medical condition from where no further treatment is possible to improve your condition, then your doctor will assess if you have permanent disability.

However, this may not mean that your condition can never improve but simply means that your condition has become stationary and may not improve immediately.

  1. How permanent disability rating is determined?

Actually, the doctor, who is handling workers’ compensation cases, may assess your present condition by doing physical examination for determining severity of your impairment.

Sometimes, your employer or insurance company may appoint an independent medical team to assess your permanent disability condition.

Whichever agency may assess your conditions of permanent disability, their doctor will perform few tests for determining your impairment level.

Depending upon the test results and also overall physical/mental examination, doctors will use certain permanent disability rating calculator based on state-required guidelines for determining the extent of your permanent disability.

Importance of permanent disability rating

This permanent disability rating determines your amount of compensation that you may receive against your permanent impairment because of your occupational disease or industrial injury.

In few states, permanent disability rating will correspond to wages of few numbers of weeks which can be paid to you as a compensation. As an example, in certain state, 10% permanent disability will amount to wages of 30 weeks.

In few other states, the permanent disability rating will correspond to certain dollar figure. As an example, 8% left knee damage is equal to $4,572 that you may either receive in instalment or lump sum.

Get Legal Advice

You must consult any qualified and experienced attorney and also ask him in case you have any questions about the rating awarded to you, or you need any other help regarding your compensation claim.

If your injuries happen to be much severe, then you are expecting substantial amount of compensation for your permanent disability, then too you will need necessary legal advice.