To effectively carry out the divorce filing in New York City, your divorce attorney needs to have a clear understanding of your financial structure, the situation at hand in your family and the long term goals on the couple’s mind. Getting a divorce can be overwhelming and complicated for the clients; hence the process has to be critically handled by experts. The appointed attorney’s role will have a deep impact on the outcome of the divorce proceedings. The divorce advisory team comprises of the following:

The Family Law Expert

It is very important to understand the legislative laws that govern the country regarding the filing of divorce in New York City. The attorney in this case will provide guidance and advice to his clients regarding the legalities of the dissolution. The law expert has several roles to play with regards to litigation, consultation, mediation and collaboration.

The lawyer should be hired as per his specialization such as custody, special property, business ownership, multinational families etc. The attorney representing the client should be licensed with the governing bodies of New York. He will need an entire team to carry out the proceedings effectively for the client.

Attorney specializing in Estate and Trust Disputes

During the divorce proceedings, a lawyer specializing in settling disputes involving family trusts may also be required. He makes sure that the trusts are handled properly during its division and tries to maintain a continued estate plan. The plan should have the well being of the family on mind and should be open to any updates in the future.

The beneficiaries, power of attorneys and agents also sometimes need to be amended. There might be changes in the assets titling also. The assets that were jointly owned will need to be titled again and the appropriate ownership should be shown after the divorce.

The Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager

The complex financial matters in the dissolution of a marriage are taken care of by the wealth managers. They analyze the client’s finances and alert them of the risks and opportunities in the future.

The financial advising team comprises of forensic accountants, CPAs and valuation experts. They prepare the client’s balance sheets, the cash flow analysis and the net worth statement. They also help their clients in customizing financial solutions with respect to checking accounts, credit lines, escrow accounts and mortgages.

How to get Divorce Forms?

A complete divorce form can be accessed after filling a short online questionnaire on legal divorce portals online. The documents are personalized as per the state, income, assets and children of the client. They can be easily printed, signed and filed in the court.

Apart from the above advisors, the clients may also need a corporate attorney who will help in protecting the family business, an insurance professional who will monitor the life insurance coverage during unforeseen circumstances, a real estate agent who will help you value your property, along with a mental health expert who will support the family through the emotional elements while filing for divorce in New York city.