Divorce is a tough situation some couples have to go through. The used-to-be-intimate couples are not in the competing camps in a bitter process which can last many years and costs lots of money. Fortunately, you can opt for divorce mediation if you want to avoid the lengthy, complicated divorce process.

In divorce mediation, you and your spouse with your respective Ken Phillips Law lawyers hire a neutral mediator to help discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce. Your lawyer’s role in the mediation process is to be your adviser and advocate. Whether or not you want to consider divorce mediation, you will to have a lawyer by your side. They will help you identify your objectives for mediation and figure out what you wish to achieve. Below are the reasons to consider divorce mediation:

It is a Better Option for the Children

A divorce is usually a difficult experience for everyone involved, however, it is especially tough for the children. It can put your children in a situation where they have to see you and your soon-to-be ex spouse arguing in public, get interviewed by people they don’t personally know, and appear in court. The divorce process can cause lasting damage to their confidence and sense of self-worth. Divorce mediation ensures that the needs of your children are taken care of in a neutral way, allowing for little animosity.

It is a Quicker Process

With divorce mediation, you can set up your own schedule. Unlike a divorce proceeding where you need to wait up for many months for a court date, resolving your divorce through medication is possible in 2-3 meetings.

It Costs Less

A divorce process is expensive. Some couples may get away with less if there are no assets and children involved. In general, you will pay a mediator by the hour and while their fees might in line with your attorney’s fees, cutting the process short saves both parties a bit of money. Divorce mediation is far less costly than the cost you might incur when battling the divorce out in court.

It Improves your Relationship with your Ex after the Divorce

Chances are good that you and your spouse will have to be in touch with each other in the future, especially if you have children. A skilled mediator will help you both develop good communication skill so that you can concentrate less on the past and more on constructive ways to move forward.  But, to mediate your divorce effectively, you need both a mediator and a lawyer. You can only negotiate your divorce when you understand your legal rights and responsibilities.