Hiring an attorney to handle your bodily-injury claim can give you many benefits. A lot of the misconceptions about a personal injury lawyer surround the costs of the services. But, having a personal injury attorney to assist you can help in maximizing your recovery and protect your rights without having to spend a significant amount of money up-front.

Insurance companies are looking to profit from their business and working to protect their bottom line and not yours. Experienced personal injury attorneys can help in leveling the playing field for you. Your attorney will litigate your car accident claim and deal with all the ins and outs. Visit https://www.killianlaw.com/ to hire one.

As you talk to your insurance company, you may immediately think they work in your favor. Usually, the friendly adjusters will tell you that they have accepted liability for your accident. Thus, they agree that the other driver was at fault and that they will handle everything. However, not all of these claims are true.

It’s important to understand that while the insurance company accepts blame for causing the accident, they will not accept blame for the same accident that caused your injuries. Therefore, you must ask whether the company has really accepted blame for the negligence of its driver. This requires you to hire the services of an experienced lawyer. Your attorney can protect your rights. For instance, right after the accident, the insurance company will request you to offer a recorded statement which they claim to be necessary to proceed with their evaluation of your claim. But, the statement isn’t necessary and may do more harm than good to your case. The recorded statement can be used by the insurance company against you when your case goes to court. Also, the company will send you a lot of forms to sign telling you again that your signatures are important to proceed with their assessment of your claim. But, did you know that open records or self-provided details can aid the company in creating a case against you? In fact, they can use such forms to request your medical records and your physician fails to record even a single complaint of pain, the insurance company will use hits against you.

Moreover, insurance companies track social media profiles. They will look at your pictures to evaluate your physical well-being both before and after the collision. This way, they can determine if you made any statements about the accident. But, an experienced lawyer will ensure you don’t have to deal with the insurance company.