Divorce is a time-consuming process, particularly if it is a fault-based claim because one party causes distress to the other one. There are many reasons for fault-based divorce such as cruelty, desertion, physical hurt, and others. If you are experiencing the same situation, then you have to file fault-based divorce before expiry of your allotted time for separation.

Usually, couples will get divorce depending on many factors like reason for divorce, mutual agreement, separation of responsibilities, and assets. A well-experienced attorney can assess the actual time taken for your divorce.

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Here is some information about divorce cases that help in choosing a right way to get your divorce quickly.

Absolute divorce

In case, you want to file a case on the reason of adultery or felony conviction, your case will be settled under immediate absolute divorce. With this, you will get divorce if the judge approves your documents and there is no need for you to wait till the particular time period to file.

Uncontested and contested divorce

Uncontested is a painless and quick process. You have to just submit necessary paperwork to the family court in the local area. If you don’t agree with your partner in certain important aspects like child support, property division, or other, then the divorce becomes contested. For this, you need to spend both your time and money to argue with your partner at the court to settle down it.

No fault and fault-based divorce

In case, you want to case a file under fault-based divorce, then you must have necessary proofs to prove your partner acts. There will be many options to speed-up this kind of divorce. If your partner and you will have incompatible differences, then no-fault divorce is the right option.

In addition to these, there are other kinds of divorce cases including bed and board divorce, incarceration case for quick divorce, and so on. You can choose the right one depending on your circumstances.

Gather information about the divorce attorneys in Virginia and choose the best uncontested divorce attorney. Schedule your consultation today and discuss regarding your divorce case and situation with your attorney to get your divorce fast.