Dating is a serious matter. Investing your time and energy into a person you tend to have an intimate relationship is no minor ordeal.

But before you take someone to the next level, the first step is finding the right person to invest in a committed relationship with.

This can be easy for some, but many people find this to be the most difficult part. Even though there are over seven billion people in the world, that number significantly declines when you filter out those that don’t fit your criteria.

And the worst thing you can do is settle. Why try to develop a connection with someone you already doubt and ultimately waste your time?

That’s why people research their potential dates before they set anything up ahead of time. It’s as simple as googling their first and last name, and you’ll be surprised what comes up.

Online research is important, especially nowadays when it comes to online dating. There have been several cases where people who have googled their online matches and found criminal records, are married or in a relationship, or are even fake online personas associated with the name.

Even though much of the development process is emotionally based, it’s equally as important to think rationally.

For your time and safety, it is essential to pre-screen someone before you continue cultivating a relationship with them.

Online background check services like BeenVerified do the research for you and provide online users a full report on the searched individual.

People can find online mugshots, public records, and criminal records in hopes that it gives their users enough information to make well-informed decisions.

How to Remove Unwanted Online Information

But what if the online information is wrong and doesn’t accurately portray them? Let me explain, websites like BeenVerified don’t have a robust research process and tend to cause the information to be outdated or inaccurate.

If you are struggling with negative online information you can fix or remove your information from BeenVerified and other online sources.

The best and fastest way to remove yourself from the internet is to contact the owner of the website. Most websites have a “contact us,” there you will find the best way to get in touch with an appropriate website representative.

Next, ask to submit a content removal request and they’ll guide you through their process. It is important that you remove your information from all online sources to minimize the damage and prevent it from spreading.

For many that don’t have the time to manage their unwanted online content, turn to work with online removal companies.

They provide their clients with a team of online removal experts that execute their requests in a timely manner.

At the end of the day, you want to live a happy life. Open up your options and regain control of how you’re viewed online.